My goal is to get the best possible outcome for you


If you find yourself in trouble with the authorities or dealing with a Family Court problem call me, Cathie Sheat, for expert legal assistance.

Whatever the problem, whether you need a criminal defence lawyer, family court lawyer or expert traffic lawyer, I can stand by your side and act as committed and effective representation in Court. I will skillfully negotiate on your behalf and provide knowledgeable advice as someone who understands our legal system.

Call me if you are facing criminal charges. Whether you’re pleading guilty, not guilty or simply don’t know what to do, you need advice from someone who will work to get the best possible outcome for you.

I’m often called upon as a drink driving lawyer, and I can assist with a wide range of traffic offences. I can also advise whether you can apply for a limited licence (work licence). I have successfully argued for many of my clients to keep their driver licences.

Limited Licences
If you have been disqualified from driving or had your driver’s licence suspended, you may be able to get a Limited Licence (work licence). Call me to find out more.

Your family and your home life are the cornerstone of your emotional wellbeing. Call me if you are facing family law issues, including Child-care arrangements, Separation or divorce, Domestic violence orders and Changing gender on a Birth Certificate

As well as a criminal defence lawyer, family court lawyer and expert traffic lawyer, I am a LEADRS Accredited Mediator, and as such I can help you to resolve cases through alternatives such as dispute resolution and mediation, avoiding the stress of Court and enabling both parties to move forward with an amicable result.

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